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Dear all,
After crazy, busy, action month March, April was slow. Damn weird and damn slow. Challenging, too, behind the scenes… Some days time seemed to be holding its breath, right? And other days time went by faster than a death ride.
Most of the time all I wanted to do was to move forward, but something or someone always seemed to be holding me back. I know life is not about an external destination, but I was sooo glad when all the slowness suddenly changed, last week. When School Is School invited Leonore to play their support act for their sold out show at Ancienne Belgique 🙂
Even though only Kobe and I were free to play and even though we already had an other booked concert to play in Bruges, we just went for it. We decided to play as a duo for the first time, rehearsing at Ancienne Belgique (Huis 23) in the afternoon before the show, getting on stage by 8pm, hitting the road again for Bruges by 9pm, hihi. (Less ‘hihi’ because we probably missed a great School Is School party :/ )
In any way, I think we really nailed it at Ancienne Belgique. Please speak up if you don’t agree 🙂
Below are some pictures of the very talented Frank Nieuwenhuis. Kobe seems lost in his own world, while I’m looking depressed and tormented, hell yeah <3
And what’s next, I hear you think? Well, apart from playing some smaller shows (to stay in shape and to which you are always véry welcome), we continue writing and rehearsing (new) songs. One of them I’ll release by the end of August, with a beautiful video Frank Nieuwenhuis made (special thanks to Sean Willekens). In the meantime I’m thinking about a producer for the second album, does anyone have any good tips?
All my love,

Spring news

Dear all,
Apart from a quick photo now and then, I haven’t been sharing much news lately. I was a bit absent/busy because I was focussed on a new and exciting chapter for Leonore 🙂
My spiritual friends had already warned me at the beginning of this month, that March 2017 would be all about ACTION! Seems like they were damn right! These are the adventures that we’ve been caught up in lately:
– Recording some new songs (with Tobie Speleman & Number Nine Studios). Not sure when we’ll share them with you, but in any case, it will be when the time is right!
– Working on a Dutch version of “Brussels” (with new arrangements and in the Brussels dialect), with the kind help of Fleddy Melculy, Jan Hautekiet and Johan Verminnen, which will be released in the autumn.
– Working on a new music video with Frank Nieuwenhuis
– Playing some live shows soon:
April, 7th, 2017 – Trefpunt (Ghent)
April, 8th, 2017 – Living room concert (Brussels)
April, 28th, 2017 – Belgiek (Brugge)
May, 5th, 2017 – Expo (Hasselt)
June, 11th, 2017 – GC De Maelbeek (Etterbeek, Brussels)
July, 16th, 2017 – Gentse Feestjes (Ghent)
July, 20th, 2017 – Gentse Feesten (Ghent)
August, 20th, 2017 – Festival Retranchement (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen)
November, 18th, 2017 – Brussels Tuub at Ancienne Belgique (Brussels)
I’d like to thank my band members Kobe, Jan, Arne and Ruben, for helping me write and arrange my songs. They bring the dreamy universes of my mind to life. They are critical, but always kind and supportive <3
Ow, and I have a new job, during the day, so I will do all of the above at night!
Tired but satisfied kisses!

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Upcoming shows

August, 16th, 2017 – The Key Club (Leuven)

August, 19th, 2017 – Nocturne Atlantikwall (Oostende)

August, 20th, 2017 – Zomerfestival (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen)

September, 3rd, 2017 – Café Malvine (Mechelen)(more info soon)

November, 18th, 2017 – Ancienne Belgique (Brussels)

(More shows to be announced soon)

Past shows

See press kit (coming soon)

Leonore is the band and alter ego of Brussels singer-songwriter Chloë Nols. They create dreampop songs that express a deep melancholy and that offer a soothing comfort at the same time.

The band is currently working on new material, that sounds more solid and profound on the one hand, while Chloë’s voice sounds even more otherworldly on the other hand. A new release is something to look forward to, according to the (inter)national press, who warmly welcomed Leonore’s debut album Phoenix  (2015):

If ‘Phoenix’ proves one single thing, it is that Chloë Nols creates beautiful melodies, in which light and darkness alternate (…) Her talent, and that of her companions, is undeniable. Her train ticket to Destination Future burns inside her pocket, and believe me when I say that we all want to travel with her. (Knack Focus)

Vulnerable and fragile, but never a wallflower. A stunning debut. (De Morgen)

Chloë Nols touches you and grabs you softly by the throat. A stunning debut from a special talent. (OOR)

Her band supports her excellent voice, that sounds even more pure live than on the album. The young singer from Brussels seems liberated and her voice opens up with a controlled, disconcerting ease (…) We’d love to see her grow in the future (…) Don’t they say that the Phoenix rises from its own ashes? Well, on to the second album! (RTBF Culture)

This soft pop, which is more or less intimate, always offers something complex in a sweet and devoted way. (Le Soir)

Leonore shows her love for refined arrangements and her feeling for melodies This music is intimate and covered with spleen, and thus an album of the season. (Moustique)

Sometimes you just feel: yes, with this kind of pure songs one can only convince the audience. And you just ask yourself: why don’t we all embrace Leonore? (Kurt Overbergh, artistic director at Ancienne Belgique).

Not only the written press, but also the audiovisual media was impressed. While Leonore’s song ‘The Island’ got selected for De Nieuwe Lichting at Studio Brussel, ‘Brussels’ and ‘The Tempest’ had airplay on La Premiere and BRUZZ. Moreover, Leonore has shared the stage with Avi Buffalo, Amatorski, Intergalactic Lovers, Bony King, Marble Sounds, An Pierlé, Eefje de Visser, …

Leonore is Chloë Nols, Jan Dhaene, Kobe Dupont, Arne Huysmans & Ruben Lamon.

For bookings, living room concerts, interviews, philosophical questions, and everything else: feel free to write us a message!