New EP out in Spring 2018

Dear all,
It’s been a while. How are you?
But truly… how do you feel?
For me, 2017 was a bumpy ride. I found a new job that I really like. But I lost a loved one and I got out of touch with some friends (my bad). Then three of my band members had their own paths to follow and tons of plans were delayed and rescheduled.
But I refused to give up. Always I kept feeling a drive and passion to continue my way. I learned a thing or two about resistance and resilience. Learned tons about myself (I’m such a stubborn, weird and asociable little girl).
So, new kids joined Leonore town, new songs were written and recorded. I met tons of new people while shooting photos and making a video. I was surrounded by very enthusiastic, helpful and talented souls.
Thank you all and extra special thanks to my band.
The result? Leonore will release an EP with four brand new songs this spring. Photo’s, video’s, artwork, single, behind the scenes adventures, live concerts… It’s all coming your way.
First up: January, 31st, Botanique, 21:30.
Don’t be late,

Support School Is Cool (Ancienne Belgique)

Dear all,
After crazy, busy month March, April was slow. Damn weird and damn slow. Some days time seemed to be holding its breath, right? And other days time went by faster than a death ride.
For example: out of the blue School Is School invited Leonore to play their support act for their sold out show at Ancienne Belgique, wiiii. 
Even though only Kobe and I were free to play and even though we already had an other booked concert to play in Bruges, we just went for it. We decided to play as a duo for the first time, rehearsing at Ancienne Belgique (Huis 23) in the afternoon before the show, getting on stage by 8 pm, hitting the road again for Bruges by 9 pm, hihi. (Less ‘hihi’ because we probably missed a great School Is School party.) 
Below are some pictures of Frank Nieuwenhuis. Kobe seems lost in his own world, while I’m looking depressed and tormented, hell yeah <3
Wingardium Leviosa,