I am not a great fan of festivals in general (the crowds! the noise! the smell! the burning heat or the pouring rain!), but somehow I always end up at Gentse Feesten. Every damn year 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love Gent (“Hènt”)! A lot! So of course I was proud that we were invited to play three times this year. At three totally different locations.

Our first stop was at Gentse Feestjes, a lovely spin-off, organised by David & Tieke. This year they chose a new location, at NEST (the old city library) and it was absolutely cosy and magnificent. We shared the stage with the timid Matt Watts, who invited a bunch of super talented musicians like Bjorn Eriksson. While we were playing our show, the audience was very quiet and attentive, almost too quiet to be comfortable, actually. I could hear my own heart pounding, following the rhythm and the soft beats of Jan’s SPDS. But when our little show was over, everyone kept applauding and asking for an ‘encore’. I felt a bit guilty that I hadn’t prepared one and had to say no. But trust me, if I feel I’m not ready to do an ‘encore’, it’s best for everyone that I don’t 😉

Next up was something to-tal-ly different. While Gentse Feestjes were inside, at night, small, cosy and with an indie loving audience, Sint-Baafs was outside, in the burning midday sun, the biggest stage of the festival and with a totally different audience. The fans of the Flemish singer Christoff, who’s show was programmed at 9 pm, were already awaiting him in front of the stage around 3 pm. I could only hope that I could distract them a bit from their long wait.
I felt quite at ease on that big stage, we played a good set and I really think we could do more big stages in the future (Pukkelpop 2018, stuff like that?). Afterwards, Jan, Kobe and I drank some fancy alcohol stuff in the VIP bar. Lots of passengers were frowning at the sight. “What are those sloppy, hippie looking wildlings doing in that super chique VIP area?!”. Haha 🙂

Last but not least we played at Laurentplein on Thursday, July, 20th. This was for a folk competition (MuziekMozaïek). We had to hurry to get installed and soundcheck, but here too, we had lots of fun. In general I feel so much more at ease and liberated on stage. I’d like to thank Jan and Kobe, by the way, for always coming with me, wherever we are invited 🙂

Really looking forward to the shows August. Be very welcome.

August, 16th – The Key Club (Leuven)
August, 19th – Nocturne Atlantikwall (Oostende)
August, 20th – Zomerfestival (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen)

PS: we are slowly but surely writing tons of new songs, more news later, I promise <3